We exist since 1982 year
Certyfikat Certyfikat

Manufacturer of Natural Proteins

Our Business

Manufacturing company of natural proteins „Proteina” has been existing on the cosmetics market since 9th  February, 1982.
At the beginning we produced soluble collagen – active component of cosmetic preparations. The gained experience and trust of our customers as well as the knowledge of the market and development prospects made us extend our sale offer. We started producing elastin and keratin  - the rest of natural fibrous proteins included in the composition of the human skin and hair. The last element closing up the fibrous protein group existing in the world of living organisms was technology and production of natural silk protein. At the same time, meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers, we improved the quality of the products introduced before.
From the beginning of our activity we have maintained the same scope of production, specializing in producing fibrous proteins of animal origin in the natural and hydrolyzed form. Nowadays, we are the only producer in of all natural fibrous proteins – biologically active components of cosmetics and domestic detergents which not only condition and revitalize our skin and hair but also delay and soothe skin ageing.
During over 25 years’ period of our existence on the market we equipped the plant in apparatus which guarantees safe and free from microbiological hazard  production of natural proteins.
To certify the high quality of our products and their further improvements according to the requirements and expectations of our clients, we implemented the Quality Management System in conformity with ISO 9001:2000 which we has been maintaining since 2004.
Today we know that our decisions were right. Continuous development of our company guarantees solidity, reliability and trust for the future.
Since 1986 „Proteina” has been on the market as a family business in the form of civil partnership with 100% of own capital.
The superior aim of our company is:
Satisfaction of our customers by ensuring high quality of our products and by gaining confidence of the customers in our company.