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CTFA Assigned INCI Name

Hydrolyzed Elastin

CAS Number





Soluble Hydrolyzed Elastin containing free amino acids and peptides with molecular weight between 400 and 40 000 daltons and mucopolysaccharides (glycosaminoglycans GAGs) – natural components of connective tissue /hyaluronic acid/


Active ingredient of personal care and home care products. (cosmetics and household articles).

Function  acc. to Colipa

Antistatic agent;
Film formers,
Biological additives
Skin and hair protectants.

Trade Names & forms

10% Elastin in buffer solution,
10% Elastin in alcohol/water solution,
30% Elastin in alcohol/water solution,
Elastin in powder.




Elastin is a fibrous protein. It functions in connective tissue in partnership with collagen. It is our body's structural protein that gives elasticity to our tissues, organs and skin.

This protein is one of the most chemically stable proteins. Natural elastin has a big molecular-weight, is insoluble in water and is unusually acid-resistant and alkali-hydrolysis-proof.
Elastin is produced by the organisms up to the 25th year of life and completely vanishes in the age of 40 - 50.
As a result of these unfavorable alterations, the skin loses its freshness and elasticity, it becomes dry and wrinkled. One cannot prevent physiological processes of the skin ageing, but one can win visible effects - through the application of proper cosmetic preparations containing Hydrolyzed Elastin or Soluble Collagen with Elastin.
Hydrolyzed Elastin is obtained from neck-sinews or cow-aortas mostly.  After the part-hydrolysis, one wins soluble elastin with a lower molecular-weight and then, water-, buffer- or alcohol-solutions of this elastin are introduced into the cosmetic preparations. Hydrolyzed Elastin acts as a natural skin and hair  moisturizer, enhancing the flexibility of the dermas and improve skin and hair condition.

Cosmetic properties and benefits of hydrolysed elastin:

  • Natural skin and hair moisturizer and softener,
  • Film formers on skin and hair,
  • Reducer of static electricity by neutralizing electrical charge on a surface of skin and hair,
  • Improves hair softness, texture and handling properties,
  • Protects against loss of elasticity and moisture,
  • Protects against air pollution.


  • Skin care creams, lotions and toners (especially for regenerative care of mature skin),
  • Facial moisturizers,
  • After shave creams, balms and lotions,
  • Sun care,
  • Hair care (shampoo, conditioner, styling),
  • Body wash, bathing salt,
  • Makeup fundation, mascara, lipstick, color cosmetics,
  • Detergent cleaners cleaners and fabric softeners,